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Viking Lotto Biggest Jackpots. With a record Viking Lotto jackpot of 25 million euro, the lottery is a significant and massive opportunity for the ones interested in winning big. Check out the Sweden Viking Lotto winning odds and pick your numbers to test your luck.

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viking lotto jackpot Viking Lotto 6/48 Statistics - Most common lottery numbers. Most common lottery numbers - Viking Lotto 1993-03-17 - 2020-09-09; Number

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viking lotto jackpot The Viking Lotto started, with five participating countries, these were the Norway lottery run by Norsk Tipping, the Finland lottery run by Veikkaus, the Sweden lottery with Svenska Spel, the Denmark lottery run by Danske Spil and the Iceland lottery run by Islensk Getspa.. Later, the lotto was joined by the Estonia lottery, Eesti Loto, bringing the number of participating countries to six.

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The biggest Vikinglotto jackpot awarded to a single player was €35,367,365, won by a Norwegian player in November 2017. The third biggest Vikinglotto jackpot was also won by a Norwegian player who claimed a prize of €33,251,902 in April 2018. The Vikinglotto jackpot is today capped at €35 million.

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viking lotto jackpot The winning Viking Lotto numbers can be found here along with all historical Viking Lotto results. All of the Viking Lotto results appear straight after the draw so you never need to check anywhere else.

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viking lotto jackpot The jackpot starts at €10 million and if it is not won it rolls over to the following draw. It will continue to do so until someone wins it or it reaches the jackpot cap of €90 million. If it is still not won after reaching this amount, any additional funds from ticket sales are added to …

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viking lotto jackpot The winning Viking Lotto numbers are announced on the local radio and are published in the newspapers. Winning odds. The lottery jackpot winning odds are estimated as 1 : 12,271,512. The chances to match 5 of 6 main Viking Lotto numbers are 1 : 1,022,626, while that to win the third and the fourth prizes account for 1 : 48,696 and 1 : 950

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V okviru osnovnega prilagojenega komuniciranja (preko emaila, SMSa, informacij na spletnem mestu) vas bomo obveščali o aktualnih novicah, naši splošni ponudbi, novostih, ugodnostih in vam skušali predstaviti posebne akcije in druge vsebine, ki bi vam lahko bile zanimive na podlagi vaših preteklih interakcij z nami.

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viking lotto jackpot Buy Viking Lotto tickets and play the Viking Lotto here. Viking Lotto is Scandinavias biggest lottery game. Pick 6 numbers (1 to 48) plus one bonus ball (1 - 8) and take a shot at the Viking Lotto jackpot!

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Vikinglotto is a multi-national lottery played in nine different countries across Europe. Draws take place every Wednesday at 20:00 CET in Hamar, Norway. Jackpots start at €3 million and can rise to €35 million, with various other prizes available in each draw. To play, select six numbers from 1 to 48 and one Viking number from 1 to 8.

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viking lotto jackpot The lottery numbers on the winning ticket were: 11, 18, 20, 30, 45, 46 with the extra Viking number being 2. This win marks the biggest lotto score in Estonian history, the largest amount won in Estonia prior to Wednesday was €1 million and the Estonian record was €1.155 million, won in Eurojackpot.

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The jackpot starts at a minimum of €3 million, and if it is not won, it rolls over to the following draw. Once the jackpot hits its cap of €35 million, additional prize money is added to the prize tier below it, which is won by matching all six main numbers without the Viking number.

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The lottery’s first ever millionaire was a woman from Harstad who won €143,024 (1.3 million kr) in the lottery’s inaugural year. The ticket holder played a system game, matching the seven main numbers and an additional bonus number. She won seven other prizes as well as the jackpot

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